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Jun 1, 2013
@ 4:58 pm
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?? wears, ?? washes

Back from vacation (for a day)!

These are my brothers other Roys. The Roy Black ‘n Blue’s are made from 12 oz. canvas and, unlike most of his other pants, a more modern, slim fit. The beauty of canvas, as opposed to denim, is that it will fade a lot faster.

Truthfully, there isn’t much to say about these that I haven’t said before about Roy’s. If you want to read about the pants them self, check them out here. I wanted to talk more about the wear and tear in these pants. These have the same fading characteristics as any denim you’ll find.

So needless to say, these pants have been worn to hell and back. On the rear pocket, there was a huge tear in it, so he brought it to Self Edge to get it darned. For those who don’t know, darning is  essentially… creating fabric over an area where there isn’t fabric. So you’re not really patching it by putting denim under/above it or making an applique, but just making the fabric there. The texture and everything about it is fucking sick. I tried to take pictures of the crotch area as well because of the crotch blow outs but I couldn’t take anything that made me happy.



Also, like always, I know it’s a bit scatter brained but I’m running off like… 2 hours of sleep. Throw a dog a bone.

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