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Apr 29, 2013
@ 8:44 pm
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??? wears, 0 washes

Let’s just start this post off by clarifying that as much as I wish these were my Roy’s, they’re not. They’re my brothers.

The Duck-1’s are widely believed to be the first pair of unsanforized duck canvas pants made in over 75 years. But aside from the unique/rare fabric, the construction is as high quality as you’d expect from Roy. From something as simple as the riveted fly, to something as subtle as having a lined coin pocket, Roy Denim truly shows that beauty really is in the details.

One of the big things that really differentiates Roy’s from other high end raw denim is simply the machinery that he uses. One of my favorite things about Roy Denim is the seashell stitch (as seen on the fly above), they really are the epitome of both quality and elegance. Check out this post just to see a few of the machines he uses and his website for his "Machine Spotlight".



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